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USB 2.0 Media Sharing Cable(support Optical Drive sharing)
Model No.: GC-UPCL1
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USB 2.0 Media Sharing Cable(support Optical Drive sharing) has the follwoing functions:

Media Sharing Function:
Have you ever thought of playing the media files of your computer via the multi-media player to enjoy HD quality and big screen HDTV or projector?
Media Share is the best solution which enables you to share media files of your computer with the multi-media player which has USB or OTG input built-in.

Optical Drive Sharing Function:
With the past few years small and slim of all types of laptops (Tablet / Netbook / UMPC / CULV) become popular, more and more people use this type of laptop. But due to costs and limited internal space mechanism design, this type of small laptop is usually not with built-in optical drive.

With plug and play cable, you can directly use CD-ROM drive which attached on the other computer through a simple USB cable, this make your small laptop which is not only easy to carry, but also save purchased a external optical drive costs!


1. Access the video files in PC directly through USB media sharing cable;
2. Plug and Play feature, no need to install any software or driver;
3. High data transfer rate, allows you easily to play the 1080P HD video;
4. Friendly software UI, drags then sharing;
5. Low system resource occupied in operating;
6. OS support, Windows XP, Vista, Win2000, Windows 7 or higher;
7. Support many High Definition broadcasting products which the USB host/OTG built-in , such like HDTV, BD player, media player.