HDMI Series

RGB+SPDIF to HDMI Converter
Model No.: GC-RS2HD
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This RGB+SPDIF to HDMI converter allows you to connect standard component video from (DVD, Satellite or Video Game) or VGA out of your Computer to an HDMI input on your Digital Video Display.


1. Input: YPbPr or VGA + R/L or SPDIF audio
2. Output: HDMI
3. Support YPbpr input up to 1080p;
4. Support VGA input : VGA@60,VGA@75,XGA@60HZ,XGA@75,SXGA@60HZ,
5. Support HDMI output resolution up to :720P/ 60Hz;
6. LED indication when source or sink is working;
7. Power adapter is included.