DVI/VGA Series

Flat VGA/SVGA HD15 Male to Male Cable Gold Plated
Model No.: GC-FVM2VM
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This Preminum Flat VGA/SVGA HD15 male to male coaxial cable allows you to connect your projectors, Displays, TVs, monitors with VGA interface to your Laoptop or PC for high quality videos or photos. It is made of 3 x coax (RGB) + 6 sync Oxygen Free Copper conductors for high quality signal transmission.
The flat design .


1. VGA 15 pin male-male
2. Double shielded Coax RGB conductor;
3. Inner conductor: 3 x coax (RGB) + 6 sync lines;
4. Conductor Material: Oxygen Free Copper;
5. Gold-Plated connectors.