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STP Flat Cat7 Shielded 600MHz Patch Cable
Model No.: GC-LN7C01
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This STP Cat7 Shielded 600MHz Patch Cable supports up to 10Gbps communications with the added durability of a shielded cable, protecting your high-speed network from noise and electromagnetic interference. Each connector is shielded to protect against EMI/RFI interference cable. The slim flat cable design makes it more flexible.


1. Cable Type: CAT7 STP
2. Cable Conductor Material: Bare Copper
3. Cable Jacket Material: PVC
4. Gauge: 32 AWG
5. Color: Black
6. Performance: Up to 600 MHz
7. Structure: 8P8C, Stranded
8. OD: 2.2*7.2mm