USB Cable

USB Type C To USB2.0 B male cable
Model No.: GC-UC2BM
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This USB type C to USB2.0 B male cable support data transfer rate of up to USB2.0 480mbp/s. It enable you to connect electronic devices with type C interface to PC or laptop, HD-DVD,Printer,mobile HDD,Blu-ray burners ect.

Note: USB type C interface could inserted with either side facing up.


1. Type C connector size: 8.3mm*2.5mm;
2. The maximum data transfer rate up to USB2.0 480MBP/S;
3. Downward compatible with USB3.0/2.0/1.1;
4. Devices with USB type C port: Macbook 12",Chromebook Pixel,Nokia N1,MSI mainboard Z79,SanDisk LaCie HD and more.