DVI/VGA Series

BNC Composite Video and S-Video to VGA converter
Model No.: GC-BNC2V01
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BNC Composite Video and S-Video to VGA converter allows your DVR or CDD camera
to be displayed on standard computer monitor, converting a computer monitor or LCD into a CCTV monitor.The connection on the back of DVR and CDD camera is BNC female, which is to be connected to the BNC input of this converter. The output video quality is better than the direct VGA output from DVR.


1. Inputs: 1 X Composite Video, 1 X S-Video, 1 X VGA;
2. Output: 1 X VGA;
3. Composite Video Interface: BNC;
4. Switch between the 3 inputs and output one of them to VGA;
5. The VGA input is pass through to the VGA output without any processing;
6. Both PAL / NTSC are supported;
7. Optional Resolution: 800 X 600 60HZ, 800 X 600 75HZ, 1024 X 768 60HZ, 1280 X 1024 60HZ.